Bottling Machines


Filtering & Bottling Machine

Available with Impeller Pump, Paper Plate Filter & Pressure Gauge


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Vacuum Speedy Oil Bottling Machine

Available in 2, 4 & 6 Valve


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Gravity Filling Machines



Home Style Vacuum Filling Machine



Olive Agencies stocks a wide range of olive oil filters  and bottling machines. Please contact us for further details about equipment  best suited to your needs.



Thinking of bottling your own olive oil? Carefully choose the  type of bottle/s you are going to use as it is usually cheaper to label round  bottles than square ones. Optional adaptors for square bottles can be purchased  to fit most labelling machines but can be very costly and it takes longer for the machine to label each bottle.

A bottle manufacturer recently said: "To improve to  presentation of your bottle, the cheapest method is to have colourful, eye-catching labels, rather than uniquely shaped bottles."

One grower/processor also found that the pouring inserts and threaded cap he had bought did not fit his bottles properly and resulted in leaking oil, so be careful to ask for samples of bottles for trial  purposes.