Electric Harvester


Powerful, light weight,  efficient

Requires no  maintenance.

 The Gaia hand held harvester is an electric operated automatic rake and is designed to remove small fruits. This does not limit its application  to Olives and has also been sucessfully trialled on Almond and Macadamia nut trees. 

Designed specifically for olives, the Gaia harvester easily  removes 100% of green and ripe fruit. 

In smaller groves individually one person can hand harvest fruit from a tree. In groves with several hundred trees, the Gaia olive  harvester enables you to remove the fruit both in a timely and cost effective  manner.

The design itself is unique, portable, light weight and  efficient. The harvester is capable of increasing harvesting by three to four times compared to hand harvesting.

The Gaia harvester ensures not to damage the tree i.e. new growth and sprigs remain intact whilst the fruit is removed. An advantage of  this machine is it can be used on the young olive trees when the bark is still  relatively soft through to maturity and also ensures that the tree does not need  to be repairing itself from harvesting damage. 

The Gaia harvester is environmentally friendly as there are no pollutants nor disturbing sounds. Comfortably you can operate the machine and  talk to others nearby.

Power can be sourced from a car battery or any portable 12v  power source. This machine can be stored in a vehicle and allows for ease of driving to the particular part of your grove that needs harvesting.

 In practice, using the harvester is simple. The olives droop to  the underside of the branch, the agitating fingers moving down the branch (in a combing like manner) direct the fruit in a downward action and therefore fall  below onto the catching net on the ground. The broad head of the harvester  contacts many branches in a single rake which increases the efficiency. Also, if  the machine is to get tangled in the branches, the machine automatically cuts  the power to disentwine itself. The harvester weighs a total of 2.73 kgs (including head and telescopic pole). You will never need to use ladders to reach the "difficult to get" fruit. 

This machine will save you time and labour costs this harvest  thus it will pay for itself very quickly. Also another benefit of the harvester  is no maintenance is required but cleaning of the parts is  recommended.

With the purchase of a harvesting machine you will receive a telescopic handle which extends from 1.6m to 2.9m, a 10m power lead, eight spare  fingers and a technical & operation manual as well as the back up of a 12 month warranty. (Smaller handles are also available).