Harvesting Pouch


New Harvesting Innovation

Harvest your fruit this year with the Harvest  Mate Double Chamber Pouch!

We believe that the Harvest Mate Pouch goes  beyond any harvesting bag, bucket or container you have ever  seen! 


The Harvest Mate Pouch is designed and manufactured, in Australia to withstand harsh Australian conditions. State-of-the-art technology, materials and assembly techniques have been used throughout manufacture and provides ultimate user comfort under all conditions. Olive Agencies is the Australian and export distributor for the  Harvest Mate Pouch. 

Using the Harvest Mate Pouch is simple. By holding quick release clips and placing hand pressure on the outer limits of the padded lower chamber the speed of flow through lower chamber is restricted  through the discharge outlet thus reducing physical damage when unloading contents.

Features of the Harvest Mate Pouch include:

  • Super lightweight, hygienic, compact, robust,  washable, rapid drying and breathable padded fabric construction.
  • Ultra-violet 50+ protective outer washable close knit tough tear-resistant fabric developed for harsh Australian conditions.
  • Padded upper and lower chambers protects as  padded upper chamber acts as a holding bay and flow volume to lower chamber is  controlled.
  • The upper chamber of the Harvest Mate Pouch  adjusts and moulds to users body profile.
  • The lower chamber is fitted with high density  plastic non corrosive easy snap lock clips for efficient discharge of fruit.
  • Fully padded adjustable ergonomic body,  shoulder and waist harness ensures comfort to the user whilst keeping contents  stable during harvest and prior to discharge.
  • A mini FM Auto Scan Digital Stereo Radio with  built in clip is supplied with each Harvest Mate Pouch for extra user  comfort.

To ensure safe arrival of your Harvest Mate  Pouch it is packaged in a distinctive fluted cardboard carton with cutout of the  Australian continent. For lightweight consignment, orders can be sent via post, air or bulk shipment world-wide.

The Harvest Mate Double Chamber Pouch would  make any Kangaroo green with envy.

An investment in the Harvest Mate Pouch with pay off and give lasting performance for years to come. This is one 'mate' you  can rely on.