Labelling Machines


Benchmate Manually Operated Labelling Machine


The manually operated label applicator that ensures an enhanced presentation of your product, relieves the tediousness of hand applying self adhesive labels and enables economical use of production time.

Robust and portable,the Benchmate label applicator will apply both die cut and but cut, roll format self adhesive/ pressure sensitive labels to a wide range of cylindrical products.

This popular label applicator can apply a single label or front and back labels positioned as you require. The Benchmates versatility makes it suitable for the packaging industry, small wineries, cottage industries, primary producers, food, cosmetics manufacturers and pharmaceutical industries, in fact anywhere that labels need to be applied.

Construction of durable stainless steel and anodised aluminium,the Benchmate manually operated label applicator is quick to set up,simple to use and results in ease of operation.

Benchmark Semi-automatic Labelling Machine


There is a Benchmark label application system to suit your needs.  If the manually operated label applicator does not suit your volume requirements,you may like more information on our Benchmark Semi Automatic label applicator (pictured above).This versatile model can be adapted to your particular labelling requirements.

The Benchmark system has been developed to meet Industrydemands for excellence.

This labeller will apply pressure sensitive/self adhesive labels to a wide range of cylindrical containers, enhancing your products presentation.

The Benchmark quickly applies a single label,a full wrap-around label or a front and back label in one simple operation.Positioning of a back label is consistently maintained with millimeter precision.

The Benchmarks unique sensor detects a greater range of labels accurately and has proven reliability.Controlled label ejection ensures uniform application of the label to the surface of your product.

Machined from stainless steel and anodised aluminium, this applicator is engineered for Industry.  Benchmarks circuitry is designed to operate with a wide range of printers and is protected by a High Impact ABS panel.

Operators will readily understand the Benchmarks function and appreciate its ease of use.Uncomplicated to set up, the labeller requires no special skills or training to label efficiently and effectively.


  • Increase production with the Automatic Attachment.
  • Operated by push button,foot switch or external input,it quickly grips,labels and releases containers automatically allowing for another packaging process to be performed simultaneously.Pressure on containers and labels is fully adjustable.
  • A Small Bottle Adaptor can be easily fitted for labelling containers with diameters between 14mm (9/16 )and 55mm (2.1/8 )


  • Labels:Roll die-cut -left edge leading
  • Max roll dia.315mm (12.1/2 )
  • Core diameter.38mm (1.1/2 )&76mm (3 )
  • Max height 170mm (6.3/4 )Min height 10mm (3/8 )
  • Max width 230mm (9.1/16 )Min width 20mm (3/4 )
  • Voltage 220/240 VAC 50 hz or 110 VAC 60 hz