Oliomio Machinery



 A new era in olive oil extraction has begun. The machine which engineers have been trying to produce for decades is now a reality. You can now produce extra virgin olive oil at home in an efficient, hygienic, economical machine. This means that you can value add your olive product by picking,  processing and bottling it, with your own equipment.

For reasons of hygiene, and for its major labour saving benefits, the continuous flow centrifugal oil extraction process has long been recognised as the ultimate method for the production of high quality extra virgin olive oil.

Unfortunately, because of traditional thinking, the romance of the old oil presses, and the high cost of the newer continuous flow systems, the changeover has been slow.

The growers in the Mediterranean countries have been accustomed  to hauling their warm, sometimes fermenting, sacks of olives to the local factory. They've been used to helping through the day with the crushing of fruit  and the spreading of the paste onto the circular mats. They're acquainted with the excitement of seeing the vegetable water and oil squeezed out through the  mats by the huge hydraulic press


... but today it is different.


Today, the grower is asked to harvest the fruit and deliver it to the oil factory quickly to  reduce overheating and fermentation problems. Today, after arrival at the factory in hygienic crates, the healthy fruit disappears into a hospital-clean stainless steel machine and  then reappears out the other end as golden olive oil in excellent condition ...  no romance, no helping in the process and no seeing the oil and water being  squeezed out.

Even the owners of the traditional oil processing factories  have been up in arms because although the new system is far more cost effective on labour and far superior hygienically, the cost of changing systems has been prohibitive.

A continuous flow plant capable of processing 1,000 kg of olive  fruit per hour costs around $300,000.

Smaller growers who wanted to produce their own oil at home have been excluded from using this latest technology because of the absence of a small continuous flow plant at a reasonable price. They too have been forced to use a smaller version of the traditional press for a cost of about $20,000 or more.

The good news is that things have  changed. There is now a small scale, reasonably priced, hygienic, continuous flow oil plant on the market.


NEW Oliomio 350 Processing Facility at Olive Agencies


The beautifully designed, all stainless steel "OLIOMIO" (which means "My Oil" in Italian), automatically processes thirty kilograms of olive fruit per hour into golden olive oil. Being a continuous flow plant, it is "olives in at one end and golden oil out the other." The total machine is only 150cm high, 130cm wide and 80cm deep, which means it can fit nicely into any spare room or garage. And they start at just A$19,500 including GST and delivery to your door. (within Australia). As well as installation and  training by our TEM factory trained  technician.

Today, small olive growers can say this is "Oliomio" (My Oil!) ... clean, hygienic, and of excellent character ... and the only labour required is to tip the olives in, make a couple of adjustments, then  go away to do other things while the golden oil trickles out  automatically.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil Flows from an Oliomio 350 in Italy

 At the request of many Australian growers, a firm called Olive Agencies was established. Olive Agencies will follow the Statement of Mission as it supplies high quality, affordable equipment for pruning, harvesting and processing to the long neglected small to  medium sized olive grower. The first major product to be distributed by Olive Agencies is the Italian OLIOMIO oil plant. Olive  Agencies is the Sole Australian Agent for the Oliomio machinery.

We are very thankful to you, the Australian grower, for  encouraging us to move into this area of the industry and we look forward to serving you in any way we are able.



OLIOMIO "Mini" = 30kg of olives/hour

OLIOMIO 50 = 50kg of olives/hour

Power: 3kw single or three  phase

Dimensions: 130cm wide x 80cm  deep x 150cm high

Weight: Approximately  350kg

Warranty: 12 months on parts




OLIOMIO 80 = 60-80kg of olives/hour

OLIOMIO 100 = 80-100kg of olives/hour

OLIOMIO 150 = 100-150kg of olives/hour

OLIOMIO 200 = 150-200kg of olives/hour

OLIOMIO 350 = 300-350kg of olives/hour

OLIOMIO 500 = 400-500kg of olives/hour

OLIOMIO 700 = 600-700kg of olives/hour

OLIOMIO 1,000 = 900-1,000kg of olives/hour


Technical  Specifications & Electrical Requirements