Pruning Secateurs


A plant's response to a cut or wound is not  unlike that of a human. The plant bleeds a sap or resin from the wound which dries to form a protective shield. The healing process continues long after the cut has been sealed and consumes considerable amounts of energy. Naturally,  while energy is being diverted to heal wounds, it is no longer available to the  plant to fuel normal growth. The importance of good clean pruning cuts can,  therefore, never be over-stressed. Not only does a clean cut heal quickly, during the time the wound is open, but the plant is exposed to less risk of damage from disease, fungus and weather.

The Archer family of Olives Australia have a pair of Italian LISAM secateurs which they have been using on olive trees for over twenty years. This excellent quality tool has made literally millions of cuts and is still  going strong. Olive Agencies now has the same double cutting edge secateurs  available.

These Italian secateurs have two sharp blades which are  designed to cut the branch without crushing the bark and the wood of the olive  tree. This helps ensure rapid healing of the wound. They are designed to be  easy-handling so that the operator can make the most accurate cut in the quickest time.


The Italian Lisam Pruning  Secateurs

A leather holster or holster complete with quick clip belt  can also be supplied if you require  it.