Welcome to the Olives Australia Website


Olives Australia and Olive Agencies have both changed in recent years.

The olive tree nursery aspects of the business have been taken over by Dr Greg O’Sullivan of Australis Plants (07) 4696 8792
Email: sales@australisplants.com.
Website: www.australisplants.com.au.

Greg and his team are very experienced and very able to assist in providing high quality olive trees to Australian and international groves.

For information on the cultivation of olives, fruit trees and berries for the home garden please visit Fruit Tree Lane

Website: www.fruittreelane.com.au.

The olive industry tools and equipment aspects have been taken over by Amanda Bailey of The Olive Centre (07) 4696 9845
Email: sales@theolivecentre.com.au.
Website: www.theolivecentre.com.au.

Amanda has many years experience in the importing and distribution of high quality tools and equipment for the industry and she is very happy to help with any enquiries or orders you have.

Thank you for your ongoing support of the Australian Olive Industry, Australis Plants and The Olive Centre. This website is not being updated as new information comes available but it will still give you a general overview of many aspects of olive growing and grove maintenance.

This site was originally released by Olives Australia - 1st July 1997