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Olive Agencies is the Australian agent for many of
the world's olive equipment  manufacturers.

We are able to supply high quality equipment for the following tasks:

- hand and pneumatic olive harvesting

- olive fruit washing, leaf & twig  removal

- olive oil extraction, filtering & bottling

- all stages of table olive processing

- hand & pneumatic olive tree pruning

- tape guns for holding young trees to stakes

- large scale table olive production equipment 

Oil Extraction Equipment


A highly competitive specialist manufacturer of continuous flow olive oil plants of many sizes. They produce excellent equipment at a  reasonable price. They also own a number of olive groves for commercial and  experimental use in Italy.

Alfa Laval

Alfa Laval manufactures excellent quality continuous flow  olive oil plants of various sizes. Their equipment has been well proven  throughout the olive growing world. They are able to sell specialised extraction  and separation units or complete line olive oil extraction factories. 

OLIOMIO - Italian for "My  Oil!"

A revolutionary, small scale, continuous flow oil  extraction plant. Machines are compact, hygienic, efficient, and a reasonable price. Perfect for growers wanting to produce their own olive oil on their own  equipment.

Westphalia Separators

Westfalia produce high quality, continuous flow olive oil  extraction machinery. Their equipment has proven its reliability throughout the  olive growing world.

They are able to sell specialised extraction and separation units or complete line olive oil extraction factories. Capacity range is from one to ten tonnes of olives per hour.


Chiappini Presses

Fabio Chiappini, Via dei Pini, 3, Fabro 05015 (TR),  Italy

Ph: (+39) 0 763 82 550 Fax: (+39) 0 763 82 620

These presses can process up to 1,200 kg of olives per hour. They are also suitable for cold pressed oil extraction from sunflower  seeds, peanuts and a range of other oil crops. This allows the owner to run their extraction plant outside of the olive harvest season and therefore makes it an even more commercially viable venture.

 Table Olive Equipment


Sadrym manufactures what is widely known as the best table olive equipment in the world. Some of the machines they produce are olive slicers, olive size and blemish graders, fruit conveyors, olive cleaning machines and of course their pitting machines which can pit, stuff and recap up to 2,000 olives per minute!


Mechanical Harvesting  Equipment

Orchard Machinery Corporation (OMC)

Vice President : Don Mayo, 2700 Colusa Highway, Yuba City, California 95993 USA

Ph: (+1) 513 673 2822 Fax: (+1) 513 673  0296

Produce various types of orchard machinery. Their main equipment for olives are the mechanical harvesters "Shock Wave Shakers", the  "Catchall III" harvest umbrellas and their patented "Air Head" for carefully  grasping the trunks. All are thoroughly researched and extremely efficient in the olive orchard situation. 


RPR Harvesting Systems

Rod Thompson, 825 Old Highway, Narooma, NSW 2546 Australia

Ph: (+61) 2 4473 7276 Fax: (+61) 2 4473 7458 Email:

An Australian manufacturer of mechanical harvesters. The machines are tractor mounted, can work on slopes and have a catching umbrella to  reduce labour costs.


E.D. Kilby Manufacturing Inc.

286 West Evans Reimer Rd, Gridley, California 95948  USA

Ph: (+1) 916 846 5625 Fax: (+1) 916 846  2931

Manufacture a range of orchard equipment which includes  'Kilby Catching Frames' for mechanical shaker harvesting and 'Kilby Bin  Carriers' for bin transporting within the orchard. Generally used on stone fruit, cherry and nut orchards but also suitable for olives.


Verdegiglio Agricultural Machinery

Verdegiglio Macchine Agricole, 70043 Monopoli, P.O. Box  12, Bari, Italy

Ph: (+ 39) 80 690 1761 Fax: (+ 39) 80 690  1763

Manufacture a range of changeable frequency vibrators for  the harvesting of hanging fruit. Attachable to 40-50hp tractor PTO. They also  manufacture catching umbrellas.

The Australian agent is Ian McIntosh at McIntosh & Son, 547 Great Eastern Hway, Redcliffe, WA 6104 PH: (+61) 8 9478 2400 Fax: (+61)  8 9479 1475


Campagnola - MAIBO

MAIBO Via Aldo Moro, 16, Insediamento Industriale Cicogna

40068 San Lazzaro di Savena, Bologna,  Italy

Ph: (+39) 0 51 456 702

Manufacture mechanised agricultural machinery such as  pneumatic hand held vibrating combs for harvesting of olives onto nets or  mats.


Sigma 4

Italian Contact: Via dell'Industria, 26, 47100 ForlĂ­, Italy

Ph: (+ 39) 543 723 133 Fax: (+ 39) 543 725 356

Sigma 4 manufactures a large range of quality orchard  machinery. Range includes mechanical harvesters, catching umbrellas, retractable  catching sheets, and 'vibrating finger' shakers. Much of their machinery can be attached to the P.T.O. of a standard tractor.

Updated: May 2002