Olive Crate

This robust crate originates from Italy where it is widely used  to transport olives to the "Frantoio" (Italian for processing factory).  Presenting the fruit to the processor in the best possible condition is imperative when trying to receive maximum price per kilogram and produce high  quality olive oil.


Features of the olive crate include:

  • Vented sides and bottom to allow fruit to breathe (this slows  down the deterioration rate of the fruit).
  • Inside vents are smooth which reduces damage to fruit.
  • Crates stack securely on top of each other for efficient transporting.
  • Bright colour can easily be seen in the grove.
  • Strong, robust design and construction.
  • UV stabilised plastic for longer life.
  • Capacity of approximately 20kg.
  • Designed for easy lifting and carrying.
  • Hygienic and easy to clean.